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Grimes is not just a horror film.  It is a journey into the past, both ancient and recent.  It explores concepts of the divine, ancient history, magic and of course, scary things.  Also funny.  We think you'll like it.

Production is underway in rural Indiana, but we will most likely soon need background performers, and maybe a few principal actors as well.  Keep checking back and also keep tabs on our social media outlets for updates and potential casting calls.

If you want to be proactive, send us your headshot and reel!

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Featured POD C​ast

Check out TheEoNProject Podcast!   Mike and Jay dredge the depths of the human experience to bring you nuggets of joy and wisdom.  The Paranormal, Lost History, Conspiracy Theories, and The Unexplained, all intermingled with fun, nonsense, trivia and assorted shenanigans.   

Mind Twisting

From the black Lodge

Each Wednesday Luke & Brent get together to have a conversation. Often about things that boggle the mind, in spite of this these men forage ahead with reckless abandoned, casting sanity aside, and share their weekly tradition of "conversating" on ALL manner of phenomena that can't be explained, or answer the question; "But what before that?"

Sit in on their conversations From the Black Lodge.  

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Now filming!

"Bring Backs", a short Drama/Horror will commence filming soon and will soon thereafter take the short film by storm...there is a short film world right? 


We are also currently in pre-production on a new documentary film that delves into the seemingly separate worlds of ghosts, the paranormal, the military, science, religion, and folklore, in an effort to find common connections and experiences. 

Trailer Coming Soon 

If you would like more information about our direct services or have any questions or information to share; we would love to hear from you.

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